The “Open Lands and Public Access Alliance” (OLAPA) has recently formed to provide a vehicle through which groups can work together on common concerns. It is hoped that together we can support each other and make lasting improvements through collective action.

Our Mission is to:

    Secure the conservation, management and protection of community greenways, cultural and natural resources, open spaces and public access through community action, education, and legislation.

Our Purposes are:

    1. To share information and educate the members of our groups on conservation and trails/access issues
    2. To identify common concerns and collaborate on projects and legislation
    3. To influence elected representatives to enact legislation and improve existing laws regarding land conservation and trails/access
    4. To encourage collective action and shared kuleana (responsibility) for access and open space in need of management and care
    5. To work with government agencies, communities, and land owners to establish trail/access routes and preserve open spaces
    6. To secure complete streets for our communities that will enable safe, attractive, convenient and comfortable
    access and travel for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transportation uses.

Our website is a work in progress. We will be continually adding information to it and developing it into a valuable, thought-provoking resource. We also hope to inspire more participation in OLAPA which, like any group, relies on the strength of its membership.

To get on our email list, click here. We will email you reminders of our general membership meetings and relevant announcements. We intend to use our website to keep people informed, rather than relying on email.

Please come to our general membership meetings to find out more about our plans and projects. We hope you will decide to join us as a group or individual member!